Hi, I’m Licia Troisi and I just want to tell you some stuff about me. 

I was born on November 25th, 1980 in Ostia, a little place by the sea near Rome. I have nothing really special to say about my childhood, except my passion for writing.

At the age of 7 I wrote some tales that my parents collected in a little blue book.

When I was 8, I tried to write something bigger, and a 20 pages book came out (a gigantic feat, isn’t it?). 
It was titled “Sindy & Mindy” and resembled a tear-jerker japanese cartoon that I used to love as a child.

Later on, I set my mind on writing some kind of “Little Women” book, but fortunately I gave up.

After my classical studies at high school, I started to write a lot while getting my astrophysic degree.

I gave it a try with poetry, but that wasn’t really for me. So again, I wrote some tales even if I was worried about not having a good story to tell. Then at the age of 21, I started to put down Cronache del Mondo Emerso (Chronicles from the Emerged World), my first trilogy. I used to write at night, just after studying all day long, and it took me a year and a half to complete it.

Out of the blue I sent the manuscript to the biggest italian publisher, Mondadori, and they accepted it.

In April 2004 my first book, Nihal della Terra del Vento (Nihal from the Land of the Wind), was published and just few months later, in October, the second one came along, titled La missione di Sennar (Sennar’s Mission).

A year after the last one, Il talismano del potere (The Power Talisman) was out in bookstores to complete the trilogy.

In 2005, thanks to the success of the first three books, I started writing my second trilogy, Le Guerre del Mondo Emerso (Emerged World Wars), set in the very same world I had previously created, but shifted forty years ahead in time and featuring new characters.
 In the meantime, I wrote two new books, one set in Rome about a girl that hosted the spirit of a dragon inside her and titled La Ragazza Drago (The Dragon Girl), and another one about ecomafia (i.e. crimes committed against nature), a fantasy taking place in a city called Malva and therefore called I Dannati di Malva (The Damned from Malva). Last year I started to write a new trilogy, my third one, Le Leggende del Mondo Emerso (Emerged World Legends).

In April 2007, I got married so I now happen to be wife, a writer, an astrophysicist – right now, I’m a PhD student at the Second University of Rome, Tor Vergata – and a mom too: in December 2009 my daughter Irene was born. 

But writing and astrophysic are not my only passion. I like music, which I listen to whenever and wherever possible. I like movies, comics and I read a lot for the simple reason that it’s impossible to write books without being fond of them.
 I own a wonderful sword in my dining room and I collect fantasy action figures. 
My house is quite full of dragons, by the way.
Special thanks
Kudos to Paolo Barbieri for the covers in my books!


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Un grazie speciale a Paolo Barbieri per le copertine dei miei libri!
Foto di Luca Sbordone

I miei Fahreblog delle settimana 13-16 Maggio 2008


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