Chronicles of the Emerged World


Secoli fa il Mondo Emerso apparteneva agli Elfi, creature purissime che vivevano in armonia con la natura. Purtroppo, l’uomo e gli gnomi posero fine alla loro vita pacifica invadendo la loro terra >>>


Omnibus edition of Troisi’s first trilogy “Chronicles of the Emerged Lands”, which has been a literary case in Italy with 350,000 copies sold and translation rights sold to 8 countries (Brazil, France, Germany, Greece, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Turkey).
When the Land of the Wind falls under the sway of Aster the Tyrant, who has already conquered part of the Emerged World, Nihal is forced to take up arms. She faces horrible monsters while seeking for a talisman which can gain her huge powers and put an end to the war. Her only companions are Sennar, her friend and lover, and her trusty sword.

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