Kuma’s Twins

There is just one Dragon missing now to join together the Guard to protect the Tree of Life and the balance of nature from the terrible Nidhoggr. Sofia along with Professor Schlafen and her best friends leaves to Edimburgh to recover one of the precious Fruits which will make shine again the Tree of the World. Meanwhile Nidhoggr has taken possession of a human body and risks to compromise their mission. Sofia is going to deal with the most thrilling adventure of her life, a haunted graveyard, an old enemy and an ancient promise take her to deal with the darkest and brightest part of her power.

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  1. Alejandra Barrueto scrive:

    Hiii, i’m reading the dragon girl and i wanted to know if theres is going to be an spanish version of the last two books, thank you, the books are awesome and im excited to continue reading.

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