The final battle

Nidhoggr, the evil wyvern that once tried to destroy the balance of nature, is about to return. The seal that the dragon Thuban used to imprison it underground is broken, and Sofia will have to use all her powers to stop it. Because the spirit of Thuban lives inside her, just like inside her Draconian comrades hide the dragons born to protect the Tree of the World and recover the five Fruits that will make it shine once again.
They have just one to find, but the task the five friends will have to face to get it, will put their very lives in danger. In an adventure full of unexpected twists, an old enemy may turn out to be a precious ally, a figure back from the past may either give Sofia the power to win, or take away all hope, and her tortured love for Fabio might come to something or fade away for ever. The future of the world is at stake: will the only heroine capable of saving it succeed in defeating her own ghosts and put Nidhoggr back in prison?


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