Thuban’s Heritage

Sofia knows that nobody adopts a thirteen-year-old. Life in the orphanage is dreary and monotonous, until one day an anthropology professor does adopt her and takes her away. He’ll reveal that the mole on her forehead is a sign of spirit of the dragon Thuban dwelling in her. Thirty-thousand years ago this powerful creature defeated Nidhoggr, the treacherous wyvern who tried to destroy the Tree of the World and alter the balance of Nature forever. Thuban imprisoned him into the bowels of the Earth, but the seal holding him in has grown weak in time. Feeding on men’s rage and stupidity, and making use of ferocious emissaries, Nidhoggr is on the verge of returning. It’s up to Sofia and all the other chosen ones to stop him in the final battle. Sofia, the girl with dragon spirit, must believe in her gift.


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