Emerged World Wars II – The Two Warriors


Secoli fa il Mondo Emerso apparteneva agli Elfi, creature purissime che vivevano in armonia con la natura. Purtroppo, l’uomo e gli gnomi posero fine alla loro vita pacifica invadendo la loro terra >>>


After escaping from the Sect of the Assassins, and before that, from the fate of Death Girl,

young warrior Dubhe must free herself from a curse that has been invoked against her. The only one that can save her is Sennar, the most powerful wizard of all, companion and accomplice of Nihal, the heroine of whom legendary tales are told, to whom statues in town squares are dedicated.

Meanwhile, the bloodthirsty sect has at long last discovered how to bring Thenaar, the black god, back to life. All that’s needed now is a human sacrifice –  a body in which the reincarnation of the god may take form. The chosen one is San, nephew of Sennar and Nihal. Ido the gnome protects San from

the clutches of the wild sect, while Dubhe must face Rekla, Guardian of Poisons and the most powerful among her enemies.

It was Rekla who conjured up the curse, though she was later humiliated by her victim’s escape.


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