Chronicles of the Emerged World I – Nihal from the Land of the Wind

Nihal lives in one of the many Towers of the Land of the Wind. There’s nobody like her in the Surface World : big violet eyes, pointed ears, blue hair. She is very expert in swordplay and is the leader of a handful of friends, among them  her inseparable friend : the wizard Sennar.  She has no parents, her origins are obscure; she was brought up by a weaponsmith and a sorceress. She lives a completely normal life even if she often wonders why she is so different and nobody seems to know anything  about her mysterious mother.

Things suddenly change when her town and her whole Land fall under the sway of the Tyrant, who has already conquered five of the new Lands that make up the Surface World. Nihal finds herself faced  with the most difficult mission that a girl of her age can conceive and is forced to take up arms. By her side are Sennar and the sorceress Soana, and above all her trusty sword made of black crystal, which is so sharp it can cut through anything.


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