Emerged World Wars – A New Kingdom


Secoli fa il Mondo Emerso apparteneva agli Elfi, creature purissime che vivevano in armonia con la natura. Purtroppo, l’uomo e gli gnomi posero fine alla loro vita pacifica invadendo la loro terra >>>


Dubhe and Theana are marching toward the Royal Palace of the Land of the Sun to kill Dohor, the corrupt tyrant who has joined forces with Gilda. Dohor’s troops capture Dubhe and Theana. They are sold as slaves to Learco, Dohor’s son, who brings them to court with him. On the way to Makrat, Dubhe and Learco become acquainted and fall in love. The time is ripe for the murder of Dohor –  even Learco is ready to disavow his father. Together, he, Dubhe, Theana and a handful of court nobles come up with a plan to do away with Dohor, but they are found out and imprisoned.

The Council of the Overworld meets and decides to launch a decisive attack against Gilda and Dohor’s army. Dubhe must push her destiny, her mission and her love as far as they will go. A new kingdom will rise out of the destruction of war, and a new man will take the throne.

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