Emerged World Wars I – The Murderers’ Guild


Secoli fa il Mondo Emerso apparteneva agli Elfi, creature purissime che vivevano in armonia con la natura. Purtroppo, l’uomo e gli gnomi posero fine alla loro vita pacifica invadendo la loro terra >>>



Forty years have gone by since the big war, that ended Aster the Tyrant’s lust for conquest. But the Overworld hasn’t found its peace yet.

Dohor, a Dragon’s knight that has become the Lord of the Kingdom of the sun, is slowly extending his influence on the rest of the Overworld by winning the resistance of those few men that still fight against him.

But Dohor is not the only one that aspires to the power. The Mysterious Murderers’ Guild, whose members are ready to commit every type of murder, brought back to life Aster’s terrible bloody cult.

The Guild looks for murderers and warriors everywhere in the world, so as to carry out its obscure plans. One of these terrible people is seventeen-year-old Dubhe that is the most skilful thief of the entire Kingdom, able to creep like a shadow into the most protected houses and to steal what’s most precious inside them. The Guild says Dubhe is a death kid, a human being with the obscure gift for killing, although she swore she’d never kill anyone after the terrible accident that made her a homeless orphan. But the Guild knows how to convince everyone… such as a cursel that can turn Dubhe into a slave ready to kill whenever she’s asked to…

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