Chronicles of the Emerged World III – The Talisman of Power

One by one all the kingdoms are crushed by the Tyrant and his army of monsters. In an attempt to search the weapon that will finally disarm  him, Nihal leaves for a long journey together with his faithful friend Sennar. They have to find  the sanctuary where  some magical stones are hidden which together will form a talisman of invincible powers.

In the meantime Soana et Ido fight fiercely against the assault of the troops of the Tyrant, that destroy everything on their path.  Nihal has to gather together all the stones necessary for the talisman: only under this condition the talisman will  gain her supernatural power which will cancel all the pre-existing magic, included that used by the Tyrant. She will be able moreover to approach the Tyrant’s fortress and challenge him in a decisive duel.


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