The Kingdoms of Nashira

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  1. Fami scrive:


    I’m a Fan of Talitha and Saiph and read the books in German, but the 3rd book isn’t available yet. Do you know if they plan to release a German Version? Even it’s in a year or later. :)

    Thank you very much.

    • Licia scrive:

      Hi! I’m really sorry, but I don’t know much about the publication dates of my books abroad. Maybe you can try to ask to the publishing house directly…Anyway, I think that they will complete the series and publish the third and the fourth books.

  2. Yesenia Vega scrive:

    Hi. I want to know if The Kingdoms of Nashira series has been translated to english or spanish. I am trying to find the books but have had no luck. My daughter’s name is Nashira and we are sooo excited to read them. Thanks for your attention.

    • Licia scrive:

      Wow!! Sorry, the books have not yet been translated in English, and In Spanish neither, I think. I’m sure about English, about Spanish I’ll try to know more :) .

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