Talitha’s dream

Talaria is the largest kingdom in Nashira. It is divided into four Lands, each one dominated by one of the four seasons. The most precious element in this world is air, which is held to the surface by special stones endowed with arcane powers and controlled by a caste of priestesses known as Risonanti. These priestesses have a sole destiny: devote themselves wholly to one of the four divinities that watch over Talaria. The kingdom is divided into four lands, each one dominated by one of the four seasons, which give the land its name. Hence there are the Lands of Summer, Spring, Autumn and Winter. Talitha, young daughter of a noble family from the Land of Summer, is destined to become a Risonante and will have to withdraw into a monastery, leaving forever her city and her family. But Talitha is a rebellious spirit and she feels cramped by that life, with all its customs and prohibitions. When her servant Saiph, who is secretly in love with her, is unjustly accused of a crime, she escapes with him in search of a new life elsewhere, in a legendary city that is said to lie at the center of the vast desert that surrounds Talaria. But Talaria is just one part of Nashira, and a terrible secret is hidden in its past. Talitha and Saiph soon find out that the world is much larger and more dangerous than the palace where they spent their childhood, and that the future of Nashira is in their hands.

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  1. Sissy scrive:

    Dear teamwork of the website,

    Are there English versions of these books? I can not seem to find them anywhere. I really love the books from Licia Troisi, but I can not read in Italian. It is really a pity.

    Yours faithfully,


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