The rebels’ swords

Talitha set fire to the monastery where her father Megassa, count of the Kingdom of Summer, had locked her up against her will, and has run away with the loyal slave Saiph to shed light on a terrible mystery: the two suns that light up the sky, hidden from the eyes of the population by the enormous trees that cover Nashira, are about to undergo a transformation that will lead to the death of the planet. But the priestesses in the monastery, the only ones aware of the imminent disaster, protect the secret so as not to question the principles of their religion. Talitha and Saiph find themselves fighting alone, and escape from the militia sent by Megassa and the priestesses, while in every town and village slave rebellions multiply, encouraged by their gesture. Only a mythical hero, who has risen from the depths of the earth, can help them to find a way to save the world from destruction…


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