The sacrifice

At Nashira, the destinies of Talitha and Saiph have reached a turning point: Saiph must to come to terms with a devastating truth about his planet’s past and about his new companion, Verba, while Talitha, confronted with the atrocities committed by the Rebels in the name of freedom, she has finally realised that she can no longer fight alongside them. Considered a traitor by both his fellow Talariti and by the Femtiti, she struggles in a world devastated by war and devoid of purpose. But when Saiph makes a terrible and irrevocable decision, Talitha will again be forced to choose: whether to fight to save Nashira, still threatened by a planetary catastrophe or to abandon the mission. Her life is at a crossroads, ancient prophecies come to an end, while the two planets that have always marked the fate of Nashira prepare to spark off once again an apocalypse of fire. And this time, the answers are buried in the desert sands.

14 risposte a The sacrifice

  1. Katja scrive:

    Hi, is there any chance that the third part will be translated into German? =( <3

    • Licia scrive:

      Hi! I completely don’t know, I have no information about the publication of my books outside Italy :( . I really really hope so…

  2. Pauline scrive:

    Hello Licia,

    Do you know why pocket jeunesse (PKJ) in France, told us that they decide to not publish the last book of the series Nashira?
    We, your french fans, are so desappointed :(
    All of your books are fantastics. Thank you for let us enter into your imagination.


    • Licia scrive:

      Hi, and thanks for your compliments! No, I don’t know why they decided not to publish it…

  3. Vanessa scrive:

    I asked the publisher in Germany about release the third book in german, but they can’t release it.
    Do you know if publisher will release the book in englisch or if there are any plans?
    Or is there another way for readers to find out the story of the last book, except learning italian.
    Greetings from Germany and I’m sorry for my bad skills to write in english. :)

    • Licia scrive:

      Hi! I’m sorry, there isn’t an English translation for the Nashira saga; there is a French one, but the last book has not yet been translated…

  4. Sandra scrive:

    Hello :)
    I guess I’m as desperated as all the fans in Poland. We won’t be able to read the third book of Nashira. I’m looking for some english transition somewhere anywhere I just need it sooooo badly. If I can’t find it then I guess I will need to learn Italian :)

    Greetings from Poland :)

    • Licia scrive:

      Maybe :P , ’cause unfortunately Nashira has not yet been translated in English…I’m really really sorry :(

  5. Angelika scrive:

    Do you know may or abroad (Poland) will be published on 3 volume Kingdoms Nashiry?
    Greetings from Polish fans

    • Licia scrive:

      Hi! I’m sorry, but I not well informed about the foreign translations of my books…

    • Aking scrive:

      I asked publisher in Poland ( about release polish version this book. They said that they probably will not release third book of Nashira’s adventures because it is not economic. Previous books did’t sell good. Could you tell publisher to release this book or change to another company in Poland?
      All the best

    • Licia scrive:

      I’m really sorry, but unfortunately this doesn’t depend on me…I can do anything to change the publishing houses policies, not even here in Italy, and I cannot choose the publishing houses that sell my books abroad. I’m really really sorry, I know it’s very frustrating…

  6. Mace K. scrive:


    will the third part of the series also be released in german?
    If so, when?

    greetings from germany

    • Licia scrive:

      Hi! I’ll think so, but I don’t know when, I’m sorry. I’m not really up-to-date about the publication of my books abroad…

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