The last Heroes

The Overworld is about to perish. The plague that Kryss, the king of the elves, has unleashed throughout the population has contaminated every village, and the only antidote, a distilled potion of nymph blood, will not be enough to save all of the sick. Whilst all hope seems lost, Adhara decides to no longer fight her destiny and to accept her identity as Sheireen, a creature born to fight against Marvash, the king of evil. Thanks to her courage the origin of the plague is discovered, and an innocent girl is rescued from a human sacrifice ritual. However, rumours of a new, unexpected threat spread among the survivors, and the ultimate attack is being plotted in secret meetings being held by the king of elves and his supporters.  The weapon that will defeat the Emerged Lands once and for all is about to be unleashed on the Land of Wind, and Adhara must make a painful choice, sacrificing much more than just herself as part of the mission.



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