I realized that some of the questions I’m asked during my lectures and via mail are recurring. That is why I thought it could be useful to put all of them in here. I’ll try to update this section as frequently as possible.

Will there ever be a movie inspired by your books?

At the moment there’s a project for making a movie from Chronicles, but there’s no director nor scriptwriter yet. Let’s keep our finger crossed anyway

Will there ever be a videogame inspired by your books?
Yep, so far we have made a good progress, and actually a demo of the videogame was enclosed with the first edition of the artbook. More info on the subject here:
Videogioco delle Cronache del Mondo Emerso
At the moment,though, only an italian version is being developed

Will you ever come to… for a lecture?
For up to date info about my lectures, keep an eye on the home page, since it’s packed with news and resources. And don’t worry, I happen to be abroad a lot: on 2008 I had lectures in Paris, Germany and Moscow

Is there an English edition?

So far none of my books has been translated to English, but I really hope this can change

When will your book… be translated to my language?

I’m sorry, but I haven’t got much knowledge on the matter. If one of my books has already been translated to your language, the best you can do is to ask the publisher.

I’ve written a book: could you read it and tell me what you think of it?

Sorry, it’s a delicate and long-lasting job. Years ago, I used to read inedited books, but most of the times I wasn’t able to finish them and collect my impressions as promised to the author. That’s why I now prefer not to start what I can’t complete. I neither read short tales

I’d like to be a writer: could you give me some tips?
You have to read a lot. If you don’t read you cannot write. Read everything, not only your favorite genre. Then, ask people you trust to read your book and give an opinion.

Last update: 15th October 2010

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