Welcome to the english version of my site!

It took me a whole day’s work, but at last you now can read something in English about my books and me.
In the Biography section you’ll find some stuff about me and my passion for writing.
In the Books page you’ll learn more about my books.
In the Pictures & Downloads section you’ll find the illustrations used as covers in my books, plus an unpublished gift that the illustrator Paolo Barbieri gave me for my wedding. In the same section you’ll find some stuff that I used for writing, such as notes, drawings and drafts, tons of pictures of my wedding, my house and some of the places where I usually write my books, pics taken by fans during my lectures and cosplay events.
In the Fan Area you’ll discover some of the homages I was given by fans. If you wish so, you can have a drawing or video of yours published in this section. Just send it to e-mail address you’ll find in the page: I’ll publish it as soon as I can.
If you wish to contact me, you can visit the Getting in Touch section.
Before writing to me, take a look at the Faq section, which contains a comprehensive list of answers to the most popular questions I have been asked by fans so far, both via mail and during my lectures.
Finally, in the Links section there’s plenty of useful links, with particular regard to foreign editions of my books, along with some interviews in other languages.
Enjoy your visit!

This site is still under construction, but I’m confident it’ll be ready in a really few days.

Thanks to Giacomo Martiradonna for helping me with the english version of this site!

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